Apple makes iWork for iCloud Free and Machine! How good is it for you?

Apple which has always remained famous to keep proprietary stuff  has officially made iWork for iCloud free. Now this means we all can now use Apple’s iWork suit which includes Pages (Document Editor), Numbers (Spreadsheet), Keynote (Presentation) etc. And you can work with all of them right from your browser.


Apple says “Share and Collaborate.Now multiple people can really work as one.”


Now every user who has a browser can use these wonderful piece of software. Yes it might not sound as user-friendly as Microsoft office application for some users but that is primarily because most people are used to Microsoft Office. The best part is, you enjoy the collaborative aspect of cloud along with excellent interface of iWork. So basically anyone having an apple account can now work, collaborate and share using iWork for iCloud. Gone are the days when work and files were kept in the desktop. No one wants to take offline local backup of the important files and its very easy and useful when you have your stuff in the cloud and can access it from anywhere and share it with people when one needs it.


This indeed is a healthy competition which is bringing in awesome solutions to the hands of users.


Pages help you create great-looking documents such as letters, reports, flyers etc. on the go from the browser. Apple claims that, the experience will be so fluidic that a user would forget that he/she is using a browser and working online.



Numbers for iCloud as Apple says “Add simplicity. Subtract complexity” would make help manage spreadsheets on any computer using a browser. It has simple to use prebuilt functions, tables and formulas and easy to use online help when you want to do those smart work. No need to pay hefty licensing fees for Microsoft Office. Ah did I say Office? Yes you can simply drag and drop Microsoft Excel files and use them.



Keynote for iCloud is my personal favourite and apple calls it “Show them something new”. LOL. Keynote is definitely an extremely user friendly, feature rich presentation application which helps create incredible transitions and slide animations at ease. With Keynote one can create lively presentations on Mac or PC and just like Pages, here too one can easily import and work with  Microsoft PowerPoint files.



Apple says “iWork for iCloud works with Microsoft Office” and Apple says it right. It gives a one stop solutions to work desk and the iCloud makes it Machine Independent.  By machine independent I mean, not restricted to a single machine, be it a Mac or PC. Just use it anywhere and everywhere.


Disclaimer: I am no way connected with Apple and this is a personal observation. The images in this posts belong to Apple Computers.


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