Facebook, Aadhar linking – The odds and evens

You would be wondering if this is a fake news. Its not! You would now have the option to link your AADHAR to Facebook profile. Nah it wont be compulsory but most people would do it because they would be given a verified status which would mean a lot to users.

Here are some highlights

  1. Earlier it was decided to use AADHAR card image as FB profile but the same was called off. Its a great relief to most.
  2. Facebook would make it mandatory to use real name as per AADHAR if you are lining it. A pseudo name would not do. So no chance for smart profile names like “Soft Hearted”, “Dream Boy”, “Angel Priya” etc..
  3. Interestingly FB is not first private agency who asks for AADHAR. Amazon had asked for the same from its customers and claimed it would help track lost packages. Zoomcar is one more and they claimed that they would not accept bookings without AADHAR details.
  4. There are news that AADHAR is going international and green card holders might be asked to link it up.
  5. Users believe sharing AADHAR details with private agencies would be a privacy issue for users as they risk leakage of private data.

While this calls for a debate, I personally feel AADHAR linkage to various online services, with restricted privacy data access can be a good thing and bring in greater online trust. Be it social media or any other online service, personal identity accuracy has always been an issue. Latest trend for the same has been OTP based verification which links a user to a mobile number. However with Adhar linking, it would stand more secured and the identity of an online profile would be more trust worthy, be it a social media profile or a an eCommerce portal customer.

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