How is Esports The New Rage in The Indian Arena?

Have you heard of esports? Well, you must have. It has been one of the most trending topics in recent times. While China holds the largest market share, India occupies the 16th position in the esports market. The esports industry has been there for a decade but has soared in India in the last few years. 

Esports refers to the organized video game competitions held between professional players, teams, or individuals. The competitions are broadcasted live similar to the athletic sporting events for the interested audiences. In fact, the esports viewership in India doubled in 2020 and reached 17 million.

Now that you have a good idea about esports, let’s discover how esports is the new rage in the Indian arena.

Opportunities in Esports

The Covid-19 pandemic has enabled the gaming industry to take a huge leap and reach a new level of success. Gaming and OTT platforms became the go-to place for leisure needs during pandemic times. Esports in India has plenty of lucrative opportunities in store for gaming enthusiasts.

Global gaming companies like Garena, Supercell, and Activision are set to make heavy investments in the esports ecosystem of India. Besides, other corporate giants such as Tencent, Paytm, Nazara, and Alibaba are also investing in the gaming market in India. With such great investments, you can surely explore outstanding opportunities in esports.

While local tournaments such as PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 are already being held, India is gearing up to host some esports events in the near future. One of its biggest examples is the Electronic Sports League (ESL), which is to be held in Mumbai. It will be a two-day tournament for Dota 2 players from different corners of the globe. Esports has also been proposed to be included in the Asian Games 2022 as a medal sport for the first time. The esports market in India is doubling every year and is anticipated to grow rapidly.

Esports as a Career

Are you thinking of making a career in esports? If yes, you must definitely go ahead with it. Although there may not seem to be many opportunities at present, the esports industry in India is evolving and is expected to offer lucrative career opportunities. Not only can you participate in esports gaming events and earn great monetary prizes, but also you can opt for career options like an influencer, coder, and data handler.

By making a career in esports in India, you can earn between INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000 per month. That’s an eye-catchy number. Moreover, as esports doesn’t demand extreme physical strength, it offers a gender-neutral space where male and female gaming enthusiasts can make a successful career.

Challenges of Esports in India

While there are opportunities for esports in India, there are some challenges too. One of the main challenges is the lack of proper infrastructure for the growth of the esports industry. The gaming ecosystem in India has not become mature yet. Moreover, there is no dedicated training academy for esports in India. There are plans to set up training institutes in the next two years. The need for super-fast internet connectivity such as 5G is also another potential challenge for the growth of esports in India.


No doubt, India is full of talents. And, esports is going to be the next big thing. To succeed in the industry, practice is the key. To compete with the global professional players, you need to be well-versed with the game’s mechanics and invest much time in practice. Moreover, participating in real esports events can help you determine where exactly you stand. As India’s esports industry is booming, upskill yourself and be a part of the trending sector.

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