Why “No Pain, No Gain” Is More Powerful Than You Realize

You may already be familiar with the adage ‘No pain, No gain,’ especially if you exercise daily. While many people think that it’s a myth, the truth is that success in any aspect of life, including fitness, requires some discomfort. You are either growing or failing in every single phase of your existence: there’s no simple neutral ground. Hence, you should consider your life and fitness as a battle for constant growth and be willing to risk the uncomfortable to make progress.

The pain and gain in life

If we wish to accomplish something in life, we need to put in an effort. Nothing comes easy. Just like how you put effort into exercising to remain fit, you need to put effort into equipping yourself with new skills while developing your business.

You will likely experience pain while losing money; however, the mistakes will help you learn significant lessons. When you are seeking love, you might face a lot of rejections while approaching different people. And the list continues. When you plan to pursue your life goals, there is a certain level of pain that you will encounter to achieve them. It might be mental stress in business or physical pain in the fitness centre.

Therefore, regardless of what your dream is, start viewing them from such a perspective. Every moment of discomfort and pain would be rewarded in some form later. So, don’t be scared to experience pain, as it is a sign that you are making progress. The pain during a workout will make your body muscles stronger. The stress and pain of losing money will teach you valuable business lessons. The heartbreak after getting rejected will help you learn how to approach people better.

Use pain to your benefit

This might sound insane, isn’t it? But by ‘using pain to your benefit,’ we mean that you must start observing pain, rejection and failure from an all-new perspective. A major difference between mediocrity and the top 1 percent of successful individuals is how they tackle failure.

Instead of seeing failure as a mark of lower self-worth, think about it as a key life lesson. The point is that to achieve something incredible in life; you need to put in an effort and step out of your comfort zone.

Several people avoid doing this as they lack the patience to remain consistent or the fear of failing or ego stops them. Do not let that mentality derail you. Rather than avoiding pain, push yourself and don’t hide away from failures. Use them to raise stairs that’ll reach clouds someday and reward you. Start seeking different kinds of pain as reps.

Hence, as you can see, there is truth to the quote, ‘No Pain No Gain.’ If applied properly, this phenomenon can help you accomplish pretty much everything that you want. A certain amount of pain is needed to push yourself, just like how champions do. And every time you reach a new achievement or milestone, you will look back and realize that the pain was, indeed, worth it.

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